Divorce is not something that is done to you, it is something a person experiences. It does not have to own you or define you. While moving through this tentative period of life, you can be the conductor of your life once again.

Which will you choose; will you live your life, or will it live, you?

Please feel comfortable contacting me regarding questions you may have about the Vocational Evaluation process. It is my goal to help alleviate your concerns as you move forward.

Ms. Lambert has counseled hundreds of clients as they experience different hiccups in their lives. She has extensive knowledge and experience working with individuals, administering and interpreting interest and aptitude testing in order to evaluate marketable skills/transferable skills, earning capacity employability as well as assisting to formulate and plan career goals and dreams.

Divorce can feel like a horrific promise gone bad that was originally made to include a life of financial stability, safety and love for the rest of your life that is now gone with what may seem like in the blink of an eye. We find ourselves with newfound emotions saying, ‘Now what’?

What you do not know about Ms. Lambert is her passion and welcoming nature working with people as a team while they enter their new phase of life. As the English novelist Rose Tremain once said, “Life is not a dress rehearsal”. So, when you call, remember, as a team we will work together maximizing your potential as you make your way through your next transition in your life.

In California, “The Court recognizes that it is in the best interest of both spouses and of society in general that the supported spouse become self-sufficient. Cal. Civ. Code 4801 (a) (1) A) “expressly directs that in determining the amount and duration of spousal support, a court is to consider as a factor the supported spouse’s marketable skills and ability to engage in gainful employment”.

Nancy Lambert

Vocational Services

Do I Need a Vocational Evaluation?

Perhaps you have been “advised” to seek a vocational evaluation or you are just doing your diligence ~ Let’s explore a few reasons to have a Vocational Evaluation:

  • A Vocational Expert is recognized for having expertise in Family Law due to specialized knowledge and training in their field.
  • A Vocational Expert understands the difference between ability to be employed and employability as opposed to becoming self-sufficient or supporting oneself.
  • A Vocational Expert is an independent party who provides an objective evaluation regardless of the referral source, with facts including current labor market research determining current earning capacity; skills needed for successful employment opportunities and salaries.

coaching and consulting

What About my Spouse?

Some of the added benefits of a Vocational Evaluation:

  • The supported spouse may learn preparation skills to return to work.
  • The supported spouse may discover what type of skills need updating.
  • The supported spouse may receive vocational testing.
  • The supported spouse may be exposed to different types of vocational programs and resources available in the community.

Vocational Training Counselor

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor CRCC #6500
  • Nationally Certified Lifestyle Educator/Counselor
  • Certified Media Communication Specialist
  • Certified Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care Specialist
  • Certified in Negotiation Skills for the Mental Health Professional
  • Certified Bully Prevention and Resolution Behavior Specialist
  • Certified in: Operation Southern Outreach Response; Psychological First Aid and Disaster Mental Health Fundamentals
  • Certified in Special Needs and Trust Planning
  • Former Texas Department of Insurance Texas Licensed Life, Health, HMO, PPO, Long Term Care Agent
  • Former Series 6 and 63
  • Former Federal Parole and Probation Officer

Professional Organizations

  • International Association for Rehabilitation Professionals
  • Riverside Bar Association Associate Membership
  • Southern California Collaborative Professional Supportive Collaborative Resolution of Family Disputes

Classes Taught/Writing

  • Guest Blogger for the International Bipolar Foundation/Suicide Awareness
  • Served on various Prison Release Board Programs
  • Taught Continuing Education workshops & seminars on Depression and Suicide, Bully Prevention and Resolution Behavior, Special Needs and Trust Planning, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care to professionals, families, clients and community
  • Invited to teach job seeking skills and to formulate return to work objective workshops to: Parolees, incarcerated populations, duel diagnosis, workers comp, & private businesses
  • Trained to administer and interpret a variety of vocational testing instruments.

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