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The Vocational Evaluator is responsible for generating an impartial and factual report. The report is corroborated by researched facts, and confirmed by the expert’s professional knowledge and expertise. The Vocational Evaluator provides an objective report with the known available facts as they pertain to the supported spouses background, transferable skills, education, work experiences, employment goals, barriers to employment (medical/psychological/physical), possible aptitude and interest testing, current and/or future employment opportunities as well as current and future earning capacity. The report may include possible career recommendations, training programs, and financial commitments in order to achieve the employment objective.

During the intake interview, a review of all the requested paperwork is completed as well as testing results (if deemed necessary), labor market survey, and current job market availability and salary within the desired area. The Vocational Evaluator will research and compile the information, to generate a report indicating current and/or future employment and earning potential. The report will state potential career path recommendations and estimated time-lines for achieving the selected employability goal as well. The recommendations may include (if deemed necessary) additional training, additional education, and potential on-the- job training opportunities.

Transferable Skills are skills use beyond the jobs once held. It is extremely important to be able to identify Transferable Skills especially now that we are faced with a changing job market because of COVID-19 people are discovering it is important to find a path to reinvent themselves. You have the skills, now it is just a matter of discovering how to apply those proficiencies to other work opportunities.

In cases of marital dissolution and career exploration, a Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) may be of great benefit when applied to evaluating earning capacity and past employment. TSA is a way to find similar or new jobs for a person following an illness, injury, or if a person has been away from the workforce for a while. We look at previous work experiences and skills where competencies have thrived and now carry over, and utilized those competencies in other positions. These are Transferable Skills. Typically, this means the job does not require additional education for hired because the skills have already been learned. Consequently, because the transferable skills and competencies were identified pre-employment this will allow for a smoother transition to employment.

A Labor Market Survey (LMS) is an assessment of the current and future labor market as it applies to selected job titles and/or specific industries. The Vocational Evaluator identifies labor market trends, job openings, potential earnings, and hiring criteria that help verify identified job openings to establish the opportunity to work.

When conducting a Labor Market Survey (LMS), specific knowledge, skills, and abilities may be identified from employers who are looking for qualified candidates.

As information is gathered from employers, additional opportunities may be discovered that could help prepare both employer and employee for a more successful and long-term working relationship. The information identified may include the type of training and/or education needed to perform the job, salary expectations, or the possibility of On the Job Training Programs, Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Disability Access Credit, and/or Internship Training Programs. Discerning this type of information can prove to be invaluable as it may help establish working boundaries by identifying current and future requirements and expectations in the workplace. The goal is to create improved employment stability, enhanced job satisfaction, improved self-esteem, and confidence.

Once a vocational evaluation has been completed, the supported spouse may want direction on how to navigate the job market. Career Counseling can be an excellent way to help understand and discover opportunities with successful return to work opportunities.

Additionally, with the changing job market because of COVID-19 people are discovering it is important to find a path to reinvent themselves. Sometimes it is just a matter of knowing where to begin when trying to formulating a job search plan, locating and researching job sources, creating an effective resumé, learning interviewing techniques, and follow-up etiquette post-interview. You have the skills, now it is just a matter of discovering how to apply those proficiencies to other work opportunities.

NLambert Vocational Services provides the needed training in these vital skills, and assists with each step of the job search process.

No matter what the current circumstance for seeking any type of Career Counseling, the goal of NLambert Vocational Services is to help people reclaim their financial path as they rediscover their self-identity within the work community.

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